Memory Care in Bettendorf

Memory Care

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia? Turn to Quartet, a senior living village in Bettendorf, for care your family can count on. Memory Care at Quartet delivers an enriching, supportive lifestyle with the security and compassion families want for their loved ones. It’s truly a place where residents feel cared for and fulfilled every day.

At the heart of our Memory Care approach is our Awakenings™ Program. Nationally recognized, this Memory Care program replaces sedating drugs with sensory stimulation, aromatherapy, massage, cooking, art therapy and more. Awakenings™ helps to “reawaken” many residents whose physical and cognitive abilities have been masked by inappropriate use of antipsychotic drugs.

Not a cure, Awakenings™ is collaborative care that puts the resident at the center while combining the knowledge, experience and abilities of the professional care team, physicians, pharmacists, and those whose lives are entrusted to us and their loved ones. Through this program, we recognize and empower each person’s abilities. We honor the resident for the unique individual he or she is.

The result of Awakenings™ is better lives for our residents. We have seen quality of life improvements such as increased alertness, mobility and laughter, more restful sleep, fewer falls, enhanced verbal ability, singing, ability to exercise, and reductions or eliminations of mood swings and more. It truly can be a life-changing program for residents and families alike.

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Awakenings™ Memory Care at Quartet blends state-of-the-art care, a compassionate team of Memory Care specialists and a lifestyle designed to promote abilities and enrich our residents’ lives.

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Memory Care Programming

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