How to Know It’s Time for Assisted Living: Three Early Signs

Jul 15, 2022

Have you noticed that parents don’t seem to be living life to the fullest?

Maybe they’re having trouble with the personal, daily responsibilities that once posed no challenge, things like chores or hygiene. They may not be able to maintain the house you grew up in, or perhaps their health has recently changed, requiring a more serious sort of support.

If they’re in need of supportive services, making the move to Assisted Living could be the right choice for both them and you. At Quartet Senior Living, you can rest assured that our team’s decades of expertise will help your parents receive the care and guidance they need.

Read on to discover three early signs that indicate your parents are ready for Assisted Living now.

Three Signs That Indicate You Should Consider Assisted Living for Your Parents

1. They have a hard time keeping up with home maintenance.
The beautiful three- or four-bedroom home your parents lived in when they were raising a family might have been practical, but now that they’re retired, it could be too much work. From raking leaves to paying for repairs, most seniors who move into senior living communities often arrive tired of worrying about home maintenance.

2. Their health has recently changed, raising new concerns about their safety.
The difficulty of accessing care is one of the most common concerns adult children have about their aging parents before moving into a senior living community. When health changes, a different living situation – with a team of caring professionals trained to take excellent care of your parents’ needs – may be a better option. Consider Quartet Senior Living, where our full continuum of care provides for your parents’ every health care need.

3. They have difficulty with some – or all – of the Activities of Daily Living.
Are your parents having trouble eating, dressing or bathing themselves? These Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs, are just a few of the tasks your parents will receive help with in Assisted Living. Senior living communities will also help with things like medication schedules, proper nutrition, and whatever other physical support might be necessary.

Quartet Senior Living, Open Now!

Think your parents might enjoy any of the perks of senior living mentioned above? Look no further than Quartet Senior Living.

We offer Assisted Living and Memory Care. If you’d like more information about how your parents can thrive here, contact us today.